By: Jessica | May 05, 2020

Screening Stations

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By: Jessica | May 04, 2020

We are excited to announce that we are ready to resume an limited amount of in-person services beginning Thursday, May 7th, 2020!

We have created a comprehensive re-opening plan based on data and best practice:

Phase 1: Preparation 

This phase consisted of obtaining adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE: masks, gloves, face shields, gowns) and sanitation supplies (hand sanitizer, virucide, disinfectant). We are increased the quantity of touchless thermometers for screenings. We created new policies and procedures for using PPE, training employees, restricted clinic space, and phasing in employees gradually. We also surveyed select parents on returning in-person services.

Phase 2: Limited In-Person Services Begins May 7th, 2020

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By: Jessica | April 27, 2020

Non-Urgent Healthcare Facilities Reopen 

As of Monday April 27th, Kentucky has permitted non-emergent healthcare facilities, like us, to reopen for in-person services. We are currently taking the needed steps to prepare to safely deliver in-person services.

Part of this plan includes obtaining adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), another safety update on our policies and procedures, and using a phasic approach to how we reintroduce people into the clinic. Some of the challenges we will face with resuming in-person services is obtaining a consistent source of PPE and how that PPE limits us with therapy. For example, masks are required to be worn and they limit a Speech Language Pathologist's ability to see a child's mouth movemen...

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