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What to Expect Prior to Your Evaluation 

By - Jessica
04.03.21 04:52 PM

by: ​Kaitlin Kralj, MS, OTR/L, ACSM-EP

About Our Clinic: 

Before we get started, I want to point out that most pediatric therapy clinics do not look very “clinical.” In fact, our therapy gym looks like a giant playroom! In the therapy gym at TheraTree, we have movement-based play equipment such as swings, monkey bars, a rock wall, and trampoline.  In the clinic rooms, a large range of toys are games will be presented to engage your child. We also have a fully functional kitchen and laundry area that is used with some of our older clients to help them develop independent living skills.

TheraTree's Mission

Here at TheraTree, we make it our purpose to support the whole child. This includes mind, body, and spirit.

We work to treat minds by sprouting learning and strategies for life, bodies by cultivating strong, agile muscles and motor skills, and spirits by planting the seeds of happiness and confidence to flourish. At TheraTree, we strive to create an empowering context that removes barriers and gives rise to ideas.

Why Does My Child Need an Evaluation?

The purpose of an evaluation is to gain specific information about a child’s current skills and abilities. By conducting a full evaluation, our therapists can gather a more precise measurement of how your child is performing in comparison to their same-aged peers. Evaluations are an essential part of the therapeutic process, as it allows our therapists to gather data, develop appropriate therapy goals, and develop a treatment plan for your child.

Physician Order: Do I need one? 

The answer is yes. Prior to the time of your child’s appointment, a physician’s order is required.  This order will usually come from your pediatrician or family physician. We can certainly get your evaluation appointment scheduled prior to having the order, however, we cannot conduct the evaluation until we have this on file. 

Intake Paperwork: What is it? When Should I Fill it Out?

Prior to visiting our office, you will be asked for your insurance information. You will also be required to complete an intake form. The intake form will be online and is HIPAA compliant (meaning your information is secure!). It will ask you to provide information regarding your child’s medical history, when developmental milestones such rolling, crawling, babbling, and walking were achieved, and your child’s current level of independence with self-care tasks (such as bathing, toileting, dressing, etc.)  If feeding is a concern, you will also be asked to list the child’s food likes and dislikes. This is important for the evaluator to get complete information about your child. 


This packet of paperwork will also include your financial information, the treatment consent form, media consent form, and attendance policies. It is important that you pay close attention to this paperwork so that you gain an understanding of TheraTree’s policies regarding attendance,  fees, and so on.

Standardized questionnaires may or may not be a part of the intake paperwork. Some of this paperwork may be completed online (before the scheduled time of the appointment) and some questionnaires may take place the day of the evaluation.


In general, we ask that the intake paperwork is returned to us 3 days prior to the evaluation. This allows our clinicians time to review your child’s chart and gain a better understanding of what their needs may be prior to the assessment. We like to have this paperwork in advance so that our clinicians can fully prepare for your evaluation, as it helps us choose which standardized assessments are the best fit for us to utilize during the evaluation.

Insurance Verification and Benefits: What is Covered?

Prior to your evaluation appointment, our Patient Intake Coordinator will take some time to research your insurance policy as a courtesy. They will gather information about your deductible, co-payments, co-insurance, and patient responsibility. This helps us gather an understanding of what is or is not covered under your plan so at the time of you evaluation we can work together to understand your plan.


Although we work diligently to gather all the information regarding insurance policies, sometimes the companies do not disclose all of the information to you. If this occurs, please remember that this is the insurance policy that you signed up for. Please ensure you have complete understanding of your policy so we can work together to make a financial plan if needed.

The Day of Your Evaluation: Arriving to the Clinic and What to Expect

When you arrive at the clinic, it is recommended that you call us at 270-688-8449 to check in due to our COVID pre-caution. When the evaluating therapist is ready for you, he or she will come outside and welcome you into the building.


Our clinic currently has a COVID-19 health screening at the front door, where the evaluator will ask you COVID-19 related questions, ask you to remove your shoes, and take your temperature.


All of our staff members take extra precaution by wearing a face mask, face shield, and gloves. We take extra care in sanitizing our rooms and equipment between clients.


Once you are checked in and have passed the COVID-19 health screener, a Patient Intakes Specialist will review our policies and financial responsibilities with you. This ensures that you have a complete understanding of what to expect from therapy.


If you have a payment due, it will be collected at the time of the evaluation. You can also set up a payment plan or learn more about financial resources during this time as well.


As you speak with the Patient Intake Specialist, your child will go back to an evaluation room with the evaluator to begin the evaluation process. Each therapy specialty has a different process to evaluate which is why we have a article for each one!

Learn more about Occupational Therapy Evaluations here: [To be posted soon!]

Progress and Success at TheraTree

 It is understandable that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. We want to reiterate that we are here to support you and your child! Our staff is more than happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. We are excited to serve you and your child. It is our goal to see your children thrive. So many children meet their therapy goals and demonstrate amazing progress. Many kids also “graduate” from therapy!


You don’t have to take our word for it… Check out a few of these patient testimonies below!


“… She has made so much progress that it amazes us. She is starting to sleep through the night, and she appear more in touch with, and able to regulate, her emotions better. She just seems happier! Scarlet is doing so much better than I thought she would with telehealth.”


“If he is in a mood, by the time telehealth is done, he is happy, his confidence is raised, and he just overall is a different child.”


“Our daughter has improved so much with understanding and regulating her emotions and knowing when she’s reaching sensory overload.”