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Judson hit his goal today during our telehealth session! He has been working hard to gain bilateral upper extremity strength. He had a goal of completing 15 push-ups (from his toes!) with 0 rest breaks. He has been working hard in occupational therapy sessions by doing planks, yoga, and push-ups. He has also done a great job practicing on his own at home. In recent weeks, Judson has shown great improvements with his form and overall endurance. Today, all of his hard work finally paid off-  he reached his goal!

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Signs of Improvement!

"The staff have worked really well with her and she enjoys going to her sessions. She hasn't been going long yet but there are signs of improvement and they have given us, as her parents, goals and activities we can continue with her at home."

Financing Resources

CareCredit: Apply here

We accept the #CareCredit credit card to help bridge the gap between insurance and the cost of care. If you haven't met your deductible, or have other out-of-pocket expenses, CareCredit is a great option. Apply here or learn more today. 


  • During COVID, if you do not have insurnace coverage, you can apply for 2 months of temporary coverage (must apply for Medicaid to continue) 
  • Apply online or reach out to a DCBS Assister for support. Applications can also be printed and mailed/faxed. An interview may be required

Michelle P. Waiver:

  • For recipients of Medicaid or those who qualify
  • Provides assistance to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • May qualify if individual would be admitted to an intermediate care facility or nursing facility if they did not have waiver services

Home and Community Based Waiver:

  • GRADD or RVBH can do case management for HCB recipients.
  • To Apply: Call the ARC department at 800.928.9094

KY Integrated Health Insurance Premium Payment (KI-HIPP) Program:

  • May be eligible if you have at least one Medicaid member on an existing employer health
  • Apply through benefind website:

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation:

  • Parent/Caregiver must apply for the grant online.
  • Child must be 16 years of age or younger at the time of application.
  • Child must have a Social Security Number issued by the Social Security Administration. TIN numbers are not accepted.

  • Family must not exceed maximum eligible family income as documented on IRS Tax Form 1040.

    • $55,000 or less for a family of 2

    • $85,000 or less for a family of 3

    • $115,000 or less for a family of 4

    • $145,000 or less for a family of 5 or more

  • Primary coverage for the child must be by a commercial health plan, either through an employer or individually purchased. Secondary insurance through Medicaid or CHIP is permissible.

  • Child is under the care of a licensed medical professional and family is applying for treatments/equipment/services prescribed by a Medical Doctor (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) for hearing conditions.
  • Awarded funds are accessed online and expenses are submitted to funds.

Friends of Man:

  • Must be referred by a healthcare professional, social worker, case manager, teacher, clergy, or counsellor.
  • Assistance is only for prostheses, wheelchairs, medical equipment, mobility equipment.
  • Cannot be for previous services or existing balances.
  • Checks are issued directly to vendor

Giving Angels Foundation:

  • For children under 21
  •  Only for physical disabilities, such as Spina Bifida, paralysis, missing limbs or illness (such as, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer)
  • Maximum $1000 grant (one-time) per family.
  • Application is completed online by parent/caregiver only.

Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding:

  • Family joins the program free and a custom webpage is created for child.
  • You market webpage and individuals can make donations
  • Donations are only for products and equipment sold by adaptive mall.

Kya’s Krusade:

  • Provides grants for adaptive equipment, hippotherapy, and PT/OT if not covered by insurance.
  • Open to children under 18 w/ confirmed Dx of a lifelong physical disability affecting motor skills/mobility and OT/PT is part of treatment program

Small Steps in Speech:

  • Open to children between 3 and 22 years of age and a combined family income under $100,000.

  • Intended for children with speech and language disorders

  • Must be applied for by the parent/guardian

  • Deadlines for grant submission are: 2/1, 6/1, and 11/1

  • Can only be used for future services

  • Grants are awarded one time for a family/individual
  • Services can only be provided by ASHA certified therapists (CCC-SLP)

Autism Care Today:

  • Grants are up to $5000.00

  • Have S.O.S. program for families with an immediate need for treatment/support and if not found, the applicant's physical safety is in jeopardy.

  • Grant payments are made directly to service providers

Special Needs Resource Project:

● Links/contact info for many resources and funding sources in the state