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🎓Feeding Therapy Graduation🎓
​Luke has met his long-term feeding goal of expanding his food inventory to an age-appropriate level. Each week, Luke demonstrated improvement in pacing between each food bite, consuming appropriate bite-size pieces of food trials, and trying new foods consistently through parent report. I am so proud of his progress! Luke was a hard worker each week and was always ready to walk into therapy sessions and work on his feeding skills!  

What is Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy,  is provided by a trained occupational or speech therapist to teach your child how to eat or eat better.  During the evaluation process, we will discover your child’s underlying issues to eating. This may be sensory, motor, or a combination of both.  Your therapist will devise a plan for working on addressing the underlying barriers to your child’s ability to eat an age-appropriate meal. There are different approaches to feeding therapy including sensory, motor, and behavioral models—finding a good fit for your child is imperative. 

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Milestone Met!

Emmett met a milestone moment of eating eggs during meal time with no negative aversions!! Way to go!! Before starting occupational therapy, eggs were a non-preferred food of Emmett's. He would avoid touching them and wouldn't even think about eating them. Emmett's tactile sensitivities have not only impacted the foods he eats but also his play exploration. After participating in sensory based activities during one of his OT sessions, Emmett went home and was willing to explore and eat eggs without any negative reactions. This is such a huge step for him!! We can't wait to see what you achieve next!!