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Halloween is a fun and exciting but we understand that some children need a little extra to enjoy their Halloween experience. 

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Therapy Services

Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Feeding Therapy
Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Talking, Understanding, & More! 

On the surface level, the process of communicating seems very simple. However, it is actually a very complex process. Breakdowns can happen at many levels. When breakdowns happen, a child may have difficulty developing age appropriate speech or language skills. Often this causes children frustration and even sadness when they are not understood. 

Speech Therapy can help children meet their age appropriate goals in the following areas: 

  • Sound Production 
  • Language
  • Social Communication
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)
  • Fluency
  • Hearing/ Aural Rehabilitation 
  • Cognitive
  • Voice
  • Swallowing and Feeding
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

Skills for Everyday Life!

In its simplest terms, occupational therapy providers help people over come the barriers of participating in the things they want and need to do in life through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). They look at what's the thing they need to do (self care skills, social skills, participation in school etc.) and what's keeping them from that (attention, sensory integration, motor skills etc). Treatment addresses both the underlying challenge and the functional skill. 

Here are a few signs your child could benefit from Occupational Therapy:

  • Easily Distracted
  • Overly Sensitive to Touch, Movement, Sounds or Sights
  • Clumsy / Uncoordinated
  • Picky Eater
  • Difficulty Holding a Pencil or Handwriting (3+)
  • Poor Social Interaction
  • Inability to "Unwind" or "Self-Regulate" emotions
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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Strength, Movement, & More!

Physical therapy helps children reach their maximum potential of movement, motor development, strength, and endurance. 

Physical Therapy can help with:

  • Delays in development, such as walking without falling.
  • Movement and mobility
  • Motor and strength developmental milestones. 
  • Recovery from sports- and non-sports-related injuries
  • Posture, positioning, and lifting objects. 
  • Muscle weakness or imbalances.
  • Nerve/muscle conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy. 
  • Cardiopulmonary endurance. 
  • Orthotics and prosthetics.
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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Picky Eater or Problem Feeder? 

Feeding therapy, is provided by a trained occupational or speech therapist to teach your child how to eat or eat better.  During the evaluation process, we will discover your child’s underlying issues to eating. This may be sensory, motor, or a combination of both.  

Here are common reasons while children get feeding therapy: 

  • Picky Eater
  • Difficulty Chewing 
  • Gags
  • Chokes / Coughs while eating
  • Difficulty Swallowing 
  • Poor Nutrition 
  • Only eats one texture or food type
  • Poor self regulation at meal time
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