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"There is a sweet client that has been working on feeding at our clinic. Today we completed a telehealth session during breakfast time. He had picked out all his food for his plate and was ready when he joined. He picked out peaches, blueberries, banana, pancakes, and eggs. He took at least 4 bites of everything! Mom even shared that he ate a whole hamburger yesterday. This is so big and we are excited that he is taking steps toward being able to eat food with his family and friends."

--Kaitlin Alvey, MS, OTR/L

 ✅ Does your child need help with feeding? Get help now: 
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Telehealth is how we're helping families through COVID-19 and beyond. We rapidly implemented Telehealth as an option for all of the clients we serve. The therapeutic services we provide are vital for children's success in life. Our community, state, and country are experiencing extraordinary circumstances that create a barrier for children to participate in learning, development, and their community. These are circumstances that are unlikely to be resolved soon. During this time our families may be feeling a wide range of emotions. We're here and we're all in this together.

Who Pays for Telehealth:

Outpatient Setting:Kentucky Based Health Insurance Plan cover Telehealth.
  • This includes Medicaid, MCOS, and Private insurance.
  • Self funded and out of state plans may cover Telehealth; we can confirm with your insurance.
  • Some insurance companies are even waiving co-payments for Telehealth during COVID-19!
Green River Home Health: We have approval to provide Telehealth!

Ohio County Schools: The Kentucky School Board passed an emergency approval today (3/20/2020) to allow Telehealth as a delivery method for related services such as therapy!
    • It's important for you to know some information about Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) as is relates to your child's IEP.Districts must provide IEP services during NTI days.
    • These services can be adapted to schoolwork packets, online learning, and other adaptions.
    • Telehealth is the ideal way to provide the required therapy services considering our typical in person delivery model is unavailable.
Technology & Other Requirements:


Internet Access:

  • Spectrum is offering free internet services to families for 60 days. Call 1-855-243-8892 to set up service with a modem.
  • DMS has given permission for those without internet to use the telephone to access Telehealth services in response to COVID-19.

Social Stories: Click HERE to access.

Setting up Telehealth:

  • Set up your ClockTree Account. A link will be emailed upon transitioning to Telehealth. Please set up your account as soon as possible to reduce technical difficulties. This invitation may go to your spam folder, so check there!
  • Watch the orientation video about your first appointment:
  • After you set up your account, our client services department will then confirm your Telehealth appointment and you'll get an email notification for this.
  • You can access the Telehealth platform through the appointment confirmation or through this link: Access Telehealth Platform HERE.
  • Log in to your clock tree at least 8 minutes before your scheduled appointment on your device connected to the internet. ProTip: logging in on a mobile device creates endless movement options.

OT Evaluations through Telehealth:
Parents, if you have the following items in your home, please have them available during your evaluation. These items help us see they way your child can use these "tools" and will enhance the quality of our evaluation. If there are any items you don't have, it's ok, we can still complete your evaluation.
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Interlocking blocks
  • Stackable blocks
  • Puzzle
  • Favorite toy
  • Small items that are smaller than the child's hand (5)

Parent Testimonies

Parent Testimonies

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