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COVID & Mask Resources

DIY Make a Mask

Social Distancing

What Is Social Distancing Story
This story explains social distancing to children. With the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has been talked about and implemented all over the world. Explaining topics like Coronavirus, wearing masks, social distancing etc to children are very important. This free story is part of a series of COVID-19 related stories that I've created to support and educate children.

Video Chatting

How To Video Chat With Other People Story
As we all navigate through distance learning, we are discovering things that we all need to work on and get better at.  This little story talks about the best way to video chat with others (teacher, classmates, friends and family).  (Spanish Version)


Coronavirus Test Story

This story is made for kids or other individuals who need a little help preparing for what to expect when they need to get a Coronavirus test.  We know that being proactive and prepping ahead of time can help reduce anxiety for a lot of kids.

Social Stories and Tips on Wearing Masks

      • Practice wearing a mask for 30-60 minutes daily. 
        • You may need to begin practicing with 5 minutes and extend time based on tolerance.       
        • Use a timer to practice.       
        • Use a video at a specific length of time to practice.
      • Putting A Mask On My Toys Story - This story is for young children. It can help familiarize them with masks during this time of COVID-19 with a little story about putting a mask on stuffed animals, dolls and toys and playing peek-a-boo with them. It also talks about playing peek-a-boo with family members with a mask. In addition, there is a teddy bear, bunny, doll and car that can be cut out along with a mask to cut out and put on those "toys". There are 5 coloring pages with pictures/scenes with masks being worn.
      • Read social stories about wearing masks.

    Other People wearing Masks