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Phase 3:

Who Can Resume In-Person Services

Outpatient: Beginning June 10th, clients may resume in-persons services based on preference. Clients may remain on Telehealth if they prefer. 

Home Health: We have resumed in-person services for our Home Health Setting:

  • Home health clients who can receive Telehealth services should continue to receive Telehealth services. 
  • Beginning June 8th: Home Health Clients may be treated in a community based setting (library, park etc) or outside.
  • Beginning June 29th: Home health Clients may be treated inside their home.
  • Clinicians will be increasing their PPE and sanitation process specifically for this setting.
Staff: We are slowly increasing our staff in the clinic to meet the needs of the clients served.

Comprehensive Re-Opening Plan

Phase 1: Preparation 

This phase consisted of obtaining adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE: masks, gloves, face shields, gowns) and sanitation supplies (hand sanitizer, virucide, disinfectant). We are increased the quantity of touchless thermometers for screenings. We created new policies and procedures for using PPE, training employees, restricted clinic space, and phasing in employees gradually. We also surveyed select parents on returning in-person services. 

Phase 2: Limited In-Person Services Began May 7th, 2020.

We prioritized patients in our outpatient setting who: have been unable to participate in Telehealth for a technical reason OR have a clinical need for in-person services. The Therapy Provider assess the clinical need. Children who could receive services through Telehealth and there is not a clinical need to resume in person services, were asked to remain receiving services through Telehealth. We began the below following precautions listed under "What to expect Section".

Phase 3: Increased In-Person Services Began June 8th, 2020.

The phase includes allowing patients to resume in-person services based on preference, increased quantity of staff returning to clinic, maintaining many of the PPE & sanitizing protocols as phase 2, less restrictions of utilizing clinic space.

Phase 4: Primarily In-Person Services 

We will resume in-person services in both outpatient and GRHH settings. Our waiting room will re-open and maintain social distance. Staff will be integrated back into the clinic. PPE protocols will be modified as appropriate for the conditions advised by KY government and CDC.  A date for this phase to begin has not been established.

Phase 5: Regular Therapy Services 

Services will resume as usual. Telehealth will be utilized for outpatient clients to remove the barrier of distance, illness, and schedule as approved by their insurance company.PPE will be utilized per pre-COVID-19 protocols. Socially distancing, and daily screening will have ended. Equpitment will be on regular sanitizing schedules. A date for this phase to begin has not been established.


Our waiting room is closed

  • Our front doors will be locked and there will not be a receptionist working at the front desk.
  • at the front door. 
    • Please wait in your car until they are ready for you.
    • Please wait for their previous patient to depart from the side walk and/or enter their vehicle before exiting your vehicle to maintain good social distancing.
  • Allow your child to independently participate in therapy. We are limiting the quantity of people on our building, so unless it's essential for you to accompany your child in treatment, let them participate independently.
  • If you have a transportation concern, please contact client services at 270-688-8449 to make special arrangements.


Outpatient: Every person (clients and staff) with the intention of entering the building will be screened at the door each time. 

Home Health: Parents and patients will be screened at the entrance of the location.

Screening Process
  • There will be a screening station in place at both client entrance and employee entrance of the clinics. All people with the intention of coming inside the building (including staff, patients, and accompanying adults) will be screened upon entering. log by a staff member
  • To pass a screening, a person must not have any symptoms or environmental factors related to COVID-19. If a person does not pass their screening, they will not be able to enter the clinic. It is advised they contact their primary care physician for further directions
  • Temperatures will be taken and recorded by a touchless thermometer at the door. All temperatures over 100.4F will not be permitted to participate in therapy and/or enter the building. 
  • People will be asked if they've traveled to countries known to have wide spread cases of COVID-19 or have been exposed to/in direct contact with someone with COVID-19.   
  • If the person is currently or within the last 14 days experienced the following quantities of symptoms.
  • One or more:Two or more:
    1. Cough
    2. Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
    3. Temperature 100.4+
    A. Chills
    B. Repeated Shaking with chills
    C. Muscle Pain  
    D. Headache
    E. Sore Throat
    F. New loss of taste of smell

Personal Protective Equpitment

  • Shoes:
    • Shoes are a cross contaminant.
    • All people will remove their shoes upon entering the out patient building. 
    • Clinicians will wear shoe coverings into homes.
  • Must sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the building with hand sanitizer.
  • All children (2yrs +) and accompanying adults will be asked to wear masks during treatment. 
    • Masks may be cloth masks or surgical masks.
    • If you have a cloth mask at home, we ask that you bring this mask. 
      • Don't forget to wash your cloth masks before/after therapy. 
    •  An adult sized surgical mask will be provided for those who do not have access to masks. 
    • Prepare your child for wearing a mask before your appointment. (See Tips)
    • If your child refuses to wear a mask, they will not be refused treatment. 
      • They will continue to be offered to try a mask each visit. 
      • Keep practicing at home 


  • Staff are educated on using PPE and must be checked off for proper wear by a manager. 
  • Our staff will be wearing the following PPE: 
    • Surgical Masks (cloth masks are not permitted for health care providers to wear)
    • Gloves
    • Face shields
    • No shoes (or designated sanitized work shoes to prevent cross contamination)
    • Gowns: 
      • Gowns are at the discretion of the therapist for patients who require a high level of physical interaction in our Outpatient setting. 
      • Gowns are required in our home health setting. 
    • Barrier sheets: If a therapist is working in a home setting, they will bring a barrier to sit on to prevent cross contamination. 
    • Shoe Coverings: If a therapist is working in a home setting, they will wear shoe coverings prevent cross contamination. 

Sanitation and Other Environmental Modifications

  • PPE Stations 
    • The clinic will have two fully stocked PPE stations at patient and client entrances. There will also be several mini stations throughout the clinic. 
    • All staff will be replacing PPE as needed throughout the day. 
  • Hand sanitation 
    • All staff will be sanitizing their hands before/after each glove change.
    • All staff are assigned hand sanitizer they will keep on themselves at all times. 
  • All treatment rooms will be stocked with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. 
  • Treatment rooms and equipment will be sanitized immediately after use during treatment by hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, virucide, UVC etc. 
  • We have a designated person in the clinic to assist with increased sanitizing protocols. 
  • We do routine checks to ensure all people in the clinic are adhering to safety protocols.
  • We re-educate on safety to ensure staff maintain a high level of adherence to protocols. 
  • Fabric equipment (swings, crash pads etc) will not be used and the ball pit is closed. 
  • Patients who typically work on feeding in the clinic will have additional clinical considerations about feeding therapy. This will be address through Telehealth when possible during this phase of re-opening. 
  • Only four patients will be allowed in the therapy gym at the same time and must socially distance. 

How To Schedule

Please contact us at 270-688-8449 or to schedule your appointment.

Telehealth appointments continue to be an option for patients to attend therapy virtually.