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Today, for the first time, unprompted, Winston verbally requested "go play", when he needed a break from his activity. In the past Winston would cry, lay out in the floor and throw a tantrum when he became overwhelmed with an activity. Winston's communication skills continue to improve with every session. Way to verbalize those needs, bud! You are rockin' ABA Therapy!🌟


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*Note: If you are coming from North of our clinic traveling southbound, your GPS may take you across College street. This puts you at a potentially challenging angle to cross 2nd st. Take the next street (Breckenridge) to come up 2nd st and turn left.  

I am so grateful for the work and dedication that TheraTree and Ms. Neal has given to my daughter!"

Prior to starting speech therapy we had tried occupational therapy to see if it would help with some of Bristols anxious habits we were seeing form. While trying OT she met her goals quickly and with ease. It was at this time that I was also really beginning to notice some speech issues that I was concerned with for her age. There was a speech evaluation available and I set up the appointment and I am so glad I did. She now doesn't seem as anxious and has left some of those habits behind. I without a doubt feel like her ability to communicate better with others has helped her be more confident in her self and allows her to not be so afraid or quiet when around peers and adults.