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Why Should Your Child be Screened?

The purpose of a screening is to find out if there are areas of concern that need evaluation. All screenings are FREE of charge and last about fifteen minutes.

If the screening indicates your child does not demonstrate any areas of concern, then no further action is needed at this time.

If the screening identifies that your child presents with red flags that are not developmentally appropriate, it will be recommended to complete a comprehensive evaluation.

Sometimes clinicians will suggest a re-screening in the future.

What is a Developmental Screening?

A screening involves a therapist broadly and informally looking for age appropriate skills.

The screening will be performed and/or supervised by a licensed clinician in the areas of Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, or Physical Therapy as relevant to the area being screened.

The clinician will talk with the parent about what they see at home as well as why they are concerned. Screenings are based primarily on observation and parent report, do not include standardized testing, and are less detailed than a full evaluation.

Speech and Language screenings look broadly at age appropriate speech sounds, pronunciation, clarity, understanding, and use of language as well as oral motor strength and feeding skills.

Occupational Therapy screenings look at fine motor abilities, upper body strength, muscle tone, visual tracking and eye/hand coordination. They also look at the sensory system and how it is affecting attention, self-regulation, behavior, and motor skills.

Physical Therapy screenings look at children’s gross motor skills like mobility, walking, balance, and leg and trunk strength by observing how they play and move.

In-Person or Virtual Screening Options

We offer multiple ways for you to get your child screened:

  • In-Person: In our clinic
  • Virtual: Over the phone or through the use of video conferencing technology.
  • Online Interactive Developmental Checklist:Parents can instantly see if their 6mo-6yr olds are on track with this developmental questionnaire.

Keaton has met his goal of being able to put a shirt on with correct orientation independently 4/5 times! This is so awesome! When Keaton first started OT, he was able to get himself dressed but would put clothing on backwards. He spent several sessions learning to check for hints on his clothing and working on his spatial orientation skills. Now, Keaton can put on his shirt no matter which way it is turned (inside out, backwards, or upside down) and he is even becoming more independent when dressing at home! Keep up the good work!

Why Evaluate?

The purpose of an evaluation is to gain specific information about the child’s current skills and abilities. An evaluation will give a more precise measure of how your child statistically compares to their peer. Evaluations are essential in developing goals and a treatment plan for therapeutic intervention.

What is an Evaluation:
  • Evaluations are a more formal and detailed assessments.
  • Involves reviewing and studying the developmental history of the child.
  • Will involve standardized testing when possible.
  • Evaluations take typically an hour.
  • Includes a parent interview for a comprehensive list of concerns.
  • May include more detailed questionnaires about your child's abilities at home.
  • Is a billable services which is covered by many health insurance plans. We accept all major commercial/private insurances, Medicaid, and MCOs.