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Physical Therapist

Responsibilities of a Physical Therapist:

Perform skilled therapeutic services within the Physical Therapist’s scope of practice. Including: 

  • Screening & Evaluation for Physical Therapy 
  • Administer and interpret standardized assessments that identify deficits related to strength, endurance, pain/injury, balance, motor coordination, gait/mobility, nervous system, cardio pulmonary function, developmental milestones, orthotics/prosthetics, and adaptive equipment.
  • Establish and update plans of care for Physical Therapy.
  • Supervise Physical Therapist Assistants. 
  • Make progress with patients directly and indirectly through physical therapy treatment with home education programs.
  • Reassess and re-evaluate progress that leads to discharge for all goals met.
  • Celebrate patient success such that they are an inspiration for others!
  • Educate the public on how Physical Therapy helps, such that the community sees help is available and possible.
  • Support the whole child with our complimentary multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Choose your passion with our various settings of outpatient in Owensboro and Henderson KY, remote telehealth, and/or school based setting. (Ask about your preferred setting in your interview.) 

Physical Therapist Qualifications:

  • Efficiency without giving up Effectiveness with your time.
  • Graduate of a Physical Therapy Program accredited by CAPTE.
  • Initial certification obtained from the The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. 
  • Licensed and/or eligible for licensure as a Physical Therapist as required in the state of Kentucky.


As a Physical Therapist at TheraTree you can be a remarkable contribution to a child’s life.

Trevor met a milestone! He has been working hard to develop his gross motor skills and bilateral coordination. We’ve been working hard on catching a tossed ball. He recently caught it on 10 out of 10 attempts! We were so excited for him. Keep it up, Trevor!

What You’ll Love About Us
My Unique Role
Why Staff Love Their Jobs
Employee Benefits
Company Culture
Where We Work
What You’ll Love About Us

Our Investment In You

  • Bonus Pay for more kids helped
  • Stable Base pay 
  • We help you plan, track, and achieve bonuses 
  • Health Benefits
  • Retirement Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Continued Education 
  • Over 72% of our revenue is spent on payroll 

We Grow Your Skill Set 

  • Paid Training on your job
  • Mentorships Available
  • Educational Data based 
  • Great team that works together
  • Company culture that values empowerment, responsibility, leadership and integrity. 
  • Over 5% of our revenue is spent on education 

Opportunities to Shine

  • Promotion & Management Opportunities
  • Leadership Bonuses reward your investment in others
  • Opportunities to mentor and educate others and be rewarded 
  • Give back with us through community engagement

Live Your Purpose

  • Be a remarkable contribution to a child’s life. 
  • Support the whole child with our complimentary multidisciplinary  team approach. 
  • Celebrate patient success such that they are an inspiration for others! 
  • Be rewarded for your patient’s success in a variety of ways!
  • Our leadership team cares and supports you to help others. 
  • Live a life you love knowing you were the difference. 
My Unique Role


Jessica Hatfield, Owner

I have a radical idea about my role in healthcare. The children in our community cannot be fixed. Because to be fixed, you must be broken. Our kids and our families are not broken. They may be facing challenges; challenges that are real valid and affecting their lifes. I see that.

It IS my role to give children and families access to living happy, healthy, and well balanced lives. This access is created through developing the skills and giving the tools for living life.

It's an access for their VOICE to be heard, their BODY to move, and to become INDEPENDENT.

The children and families who walk through my doors are not broken; they are perfectly imperfect humans and I believe this to my core.

It is my mission to create a community aligned in this vision; to give children and families access to happy, healthy and well-balanced lives through removing barriers. Together, we grow minds, bodies, and spirits.

🌟Milestone Moment🌟 Cody has met another one of his occupational therapy goals! Cody has a goal for postural stability. This goal requires him to sit on a stability ball for 3 minutes, while also engaging in activities with his arms, without losing his balance.  For the first time ever, Cody sat on the ball for 3 whole minutes without losing his balance! He did this while playing a super fun balloon-batting games with both of his arms.  Ms. Kaitlin and the TheraTree team are SO proud of all of your hard work, Cody! Keep it up!
Why Staff Love Their Jobs

Why We Love TheraTree

"For those of you who do not know me, I like to plan ahead. I’m passionate about my job. I like to push myself. I like to shoot for goals others believe are unattainable. ✌🏻

So, before I was even eligible for bonuses, (had to obtain my RBT registration); I took that time to figure out how the bonus program at TheraTree worked. Then, of course I created a plan for myself to dominate the bonus program in the last month of the year! I wasn’t able to obtain my registration until the evening of December 3rd, which meant I was only eligible to claim 4 weeks of the bonus program in December, versus the 5 my veteran co-workers were eligible to claim. I didn't let that discourage me though. Instead, I decided to look at this obstacle as an added challenge to overcome. I wrote my goals out, separated my monthly points into weeks ahead of time, worked up how many tasks I needed to complete each week to reach my desired goal, pushed myself each week &&& BAM! 💥

 I STILL reached the MAX bonus! 🙌🏼 

Okay, I hear you, so you’re not good at staying organized or prepping ahead? Well, you're in luck!! 🍀

The CEO loved my system, used my general idea and for the new year, our CEO has created a simulated set up for ALL staff, through excel, to help each member set and achieve your goals with ease! 🙌🏼 

Now, you just simply have to take the time and have some motivation to use it! How SIMPLE is that?!? 💰" - Arrielle, RBT

"Heather is our Community Manager here at TheraTree! If you know Heather, you know her positive attitude cannot go unnoticed. Today, she came and mopped all of our Henderson clinic floors and brought us more essential supplies that we needed! Heather is a great part of our team for always going above and beyond expectations. Our staff is full of amazing and generous people. Thank you for all that you do, Heather!" Lauren, RBT

"I am a Speech-Language Pathologist at Theratree. I love working at Theratree because I enjoy watching our clients grow not only towards their speech goals, but also grow mind, body, and spirit. I also love working with a multidisciplinary team. Working with professionals from other disciplines allow you to have insight into their discipline. It also promotes interprofessional practice and treating the whole client. As an employee, I also enjoy that job roles, policies, and procedures are written out. This leaves zero room for confusion and allows the training process to run seamlessly. Each team member understands their role and is quick to lend a hand in order for you to succeed at your own role as well.

I recommend other therapists and professionals work at Theratree! You would get to work at a huge new facility, where your clients can enjoy a sensory room and a gym. You would also have plenty of room to store and organize materials. Currently, we all have our own therapy room. Other reasons to join the Theratree team include competitive pay, benefits such as PTO, organized management, and great coworkers."  - Taylor Wathen M.S. CF-SLP

"I love my job as an RBT, especially at TheraTree, because of the relationships/bonds I have made with my coworkers and the families we serve! Imagine coming to work every day as your “get away.” I was always told to “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” It’s so true! In less than two months, I have been able to hear all the progress that my kiddos have made at home. From being able to brush their teeth to just simply playing board games with their family and being social. I always say that any progress is progress. To our children, we are their world, but they don’t realize that they are OUR world! I love when my first kiddo of the day comes in with a smile on their face happy to see me. It will always be more than just a job. I’m thankful!

"  - :Lauren Haire, RBT

"I have been working for TheraTree for a year!! I felt welcomed with open arms and right at home at TheraTree. I have grown so much as a therapist with many role models and people surrounding me with encouragement. Work is truly like family for the first time in my life. I have learned quickly that the Theratree staff is supportive and our clients and their families are the absolute best! I have learned a lot in my first year and look forward to the progress I will watch my client's make in this second year."- Jordan Arvin, COTA/L 

"Sheryl is one of the RBTs here at TheraTree Pediatrics. She is very invested in her clients. She goes so the extra mile to help her clients. She observes her clients and then she will incorporate the activities her clients like to do to be more successful in their environment. Sheryl does not shy away from challenging situations. She is also eager and eager to support her team members to be more successful. Thank you for what you are doing. We are glad you are part of our team. " - Arina, OTR/L

"I had been working here at Thera Tree for more than 6 month's. I am working with some great therapists. Something I enjoy the most is seeing the hidden talents in my colleagues. Cole has so many talents and gifts. Over Christmas one of their talents came forward what led to great interactions in the clinic as well as increased positive emotions in the clinic. It is so encouraging to see how they are sharing more of their talents like a love for animals as well. When Cole talks about how to use animals and plants in therapy they become very passionate. Cole's energy leads to more positive energy in the clinic. It is amazing working with Cole!" - Arina, OTR/L

"TheraTree has an amazing facility that was designed specifically with therapists needs in mind. We have our own therapy rooms and ample space for supplies and activities. The staff is friendly and works to make sure our concerns are acknowledged. We have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team, which is very helpful. I love working with my clients and seeing their growth. The relationships built with client and families have been great." - Neal Meuth, CF-SLP

I love growing minds, bodies, and spirits at TheraTree Pediatric Services! What a wonderful and inspiring job! I love being able to see kids have fun while meeting goals to build many different developmental skills they need for everyday life. I have seen many successes with many different children even in my short time of being at Theratree Pediatrics. Whether it be attending to a given task for 10 minutes or transitioning without caregiver for the first time…We love to see such BIG successes that might seem so small to others. Even SMALL STEPS MAKE FOR GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND MILESTONES! I love to see children and their families leaving therapy happy and knowing they have accomplished something great! They always say find a job that you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That is exactly what I have found in working for this company and with the many children here! I love my job and the rewarding nature of helping grow minds, bodies and spirits!' - Faith Adamson, MS, OTR/L 

"I started working at TheraTree in September, and it has been great thus far! I have found the environment to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. Everyone here is eager to help out and answer any questions that arise. Our clinical manager has sat down with me one-on-one multiple occasions to offer additional training and ensure competence (and confidence!) in certain practice areas. Another major perk of working at TheraTree is that clinicians earn $200 of reimbursement for CEU’s during the first year of employment, and it grows upwards from there!


The new building and state-of-the-art equipment make planning for treatment sessions so much fun. The therapy gym contains swings, a full set of monkey bars, a Wii, a rock climbing wall, scooter boards, stability balls, razor scooters, a trampoline, astronaut board, balance beam, and so much more to help our clients develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Kids love to play within our pretend-kitchenette area to practice sequencing, imaginative play, bilateral coordination, and fine motor skills. Adolescent and teen clients can work on IADL skills like laundry, dishes, and meal prep in our laundry section and a fully functional kitchen. We also offer a sensory room as well as private individual therapy rooms for tabletop work.


As a staff member at TheraTree, you are respected and your suggestions are heard. Hard work is recognized, praised, and often rewarded via the weekly bonus system. I feel lucky to work with a cohesive team and I look forward to reporting to work at the clinic each morning! " - Kaitlin Kralj, MS, OTR/L, ACSM-EP

We saw so much growth from Maevery between now and January... and she graduated! She met all of her goals to tolerate various sensory input and to use her hands to do all sorts of daily activities. She has become a social butterfly and has really come out of her shell at the clinic. It was really sweet to see her grow and develop relationships with other friends here at TheraTree. You rock Maevery!!    

"I am so excited so say that this is the most rewarding, challenging and exciting job that I have ever held! Each day at TheraTree brings new reasons to be honored to be part of this excellent team of staff members who are dedicated to the families and children that we serve. I love seeing the excited faces of the children as they walk into our building each day. I enjoy being able to assist families with setting up telehealth appointments when in-clinic appointments are not feasible for them. I love working with my co-workers to make TheraTree the best it can be. 

I'm excited about sharing the news about the services that we offer through social media and conversations with my friends, family, and others in the community. I enjoy watching my co-workers pour their hearts and souls into growing the minds, bodies and spirits of the children who are our patients. I am truly grateful to have a job that I look forward to going to each day! If you or someone you know has questions about our services, I'd be happy to discuss TheraTree with you. Also, our company is growing! I'd be happy to discuss with you the positions that are open and how you might fit into one of those roles and be able to contribute to the mission of TheraTree. I look forward to a long career at TheraTree, serving children and families of Owensboro and the surrounding communities."  - Teresa McCarty, Client Services

"Kaitlin is one of the therapists here at TheraTree. She is an Occupational Therapist and she has been working here for more than 5 years. She is an energetic positive therapist. Kaitlin always goes the extra mile for her clients. She always has small gifts for them celebrating Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween. It is awesome to see how she connects with her clients and she always does fun craft activities to work on the families goals. Her clients and families love her. She is a great encouragement and the team loves her energy and enthusiasm!" Arina, OTR/L

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (up to 120 hours with years of services) 
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Paid Continuing Education 
  • Retirement Benefits 
  • Mentorships Available 
  • Management Opportunities
  • Full time administrative staff to manage all physician orders, scheduling, insurance companies, appeal denials, and provide support; so you focus on meeting the needs of your clients! We support a collaborative approach with all therapies involved with each child.

🌟 #MilestoneMonday 🌟 Dani hit a milestone last week! She independently laced 6 beads onto a pipe cleaner. This was a huge win for Dani in many ways! She showed improved fine motor skills, improved frustration tolerance, and improved attention as she completed this task. We are so proud of you, Dani. Keep working hard!

Company Culture

Our Culture

 "Here at TheraTree Pediatrics we have an awesome team. One of our team members is Morgan. She is the person our clients and families see first when they come to our office in Owensboro. She always has a smile. Morgan loves to interact with our families and she is very interested in how our families are doing. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile, not just for our families, but for the Thera Tree staff as well. Morgan we are glad you are part of our team!" - Arina, OTR/L

"I want to express my gratitude to Cole at TheraTree.    They are my son’s therapist.  Cole has helped my son be able to work through multiple situations and feels that before were unattainable.  Brayden has been able to maintain and regulate his ability to express and handle his emotions.    He has had fight or flight since he was at the age of two.   I can proudly say that he has only had two flight modes in the past year and he ran to our home rather than away from it.  Cole has helped me understand how he is feeling and what works best during our confrontational issues.  They are devoted and understanding of his care.   Thoroughly working a well thought out process of keeping him on track and developing new and positive social skills that have gave him the confidence he needs to have healthier relationships. We are blessed to have Cole as his OT therapist." - Brayden’s Mom

"Here at Thera Tree we have mazing people. I am writing about one of them and her name is Jamie. Jamie it our Client services manager. Jamie always interacts with the clients and there families. What is great about her is that she is aware of the needs of the therapist in the clinic as well as our families we serve. She is always willing to change schedules to fit the families needs. Today she made breakfast for the therapist and the rest of the staff in the clinic. She is always willing to do extra things to motivate people and does not want any credit for it. Her humbleness is a great assist to the clinic. Thanks Jamie for your dedication." Arina, OTR/L

"Today I would like to take a moment and give a shout out to Ms. Heather here at TheraTree. Ms. Heather has the title of Community Manager, but in reality she is a jack of all trades. Ms. Heather always shows up when you least expect her, but at the moment you need her the most. She is always so utterly kind and friendly with her fellow staff members, as well as clients. She is thoughtful and always includes everyone to ensure no one feels left out. You are a SHINING STAR here at TheraTree and we are so thankful to have you on our team." - Arrielle, RBT

"I love working with Kaitlin! When I was first started working at TheraTree she was extremely welcoming and helpful. I learned so much from her during that time, and I continue to learn from her daily. I’m grateful for her calm, collected energy and her bright intelligent mind in the clinic. Her work ethic is amazing and she really has a heart for all the children we see. I still frequently go to Kaitlin if I’m struggling to make strides with a particular client. It’s honestly such a breath of fresh air to work with someone who knows how to reach our clients so well. And, I really cannot say enough about how wonderful she is with our feeding clients in particular. Thanks for being awesome Kaitlin!" - Cole, MS, OTR/L

🎈Happy Birthday🎈Happy 7th birthday Ryder!! We are so excited to see you grow and beyond proud of the amazing young human you have become.  

"I would like to take a moment and talk about Danielle. Danielle is one of our Occupation Therapy Assistants here at TheraTree. She always goes above and beyond to find new and creative activities to work with her patients. She also always ensures to take the time to listen to the needs of her famileis and see how she can address their needs. She is great team member here at TheraTree. She had been with this team for one year now. Is had been working with her for more than 6 month's and I saw how she crew as a therapist. She take daily chalenges and make it positive. She is our school therapist and she is very loved in the school systems (teachers and scahool staff request her to see there kids). I am glad to have the opportunity to work along side her  so that we can meet the pupose of the clinic what is to improve growing minds, bodies, and spirits. Thanks for giving your time to the clients. Glad you are with us!!!!!" - Arina, OTR/L

"For a team to work together, a team needs to be able to plan together, problem solve together and support each other. A team that works together can also encourage each other to achieve the goals been set for the team. The team members are also willing to do things that are out of their comfort zone for the success of the team. TheraTree Pediatrics is a supportive team. The therapists work together as a team and they will go the extra mile for the team. This is a team that will adjust their treatment plans to be successful for their clients and they will support each other to achieve the goals for their clients. Here, the TheraTree Peds team is working together to plan how to get a specific activity complete. Here, they are working together and support each other. This is the same what the team does when they treat their clients and their families." Arina, OTR/L  

Faith is such an asset to our team! As a RBT, I deal with more of the behavioral needs. There are days when I have exhausted all the knowledge I have been trained in and I need some additional help from Occupational Therapy. Faith is able to combine her expertise with mine so that we can help the child in all areas. Anytime I have a patient who becomes extremely overstimulated, she comes to the rescue! Faith is so patient and gives many tips and tricks to help the children get through what they are having difficulties with. This is a perfect example of how our team collaborates to give the best therapy possible! Thanks for all that you do for me and the kiddos, Faith! - Lauren, RBT

"Danielle is an amazing therapist. She is great with all children, and really shines when helping our littles here at the clinic. Some of the joys of my week involve her and her little ones walking around the clinic to come say hello to me while they are working on mobility. She’s wonderful with all the little babies that come through our doors, working on anything from hitting gross and fine motor developmental milestones to oral motor and sensory feeding challenges. I enjoy collaborating and learning from her. She is supportive and helpful in the clinic and she is always willing to lend a helping hand. Thanks for being you Danielle!" - Cole, MS, OTR/L

I had been working with Kaitlin for more than 6 month's. She is a very energetic therapist with a lot of great treatment ideas. She is always willing to be challenged. THis past week she had to pick up more clients due to illness. Kaitlin did not hesitate to give more of her time to see clients. She came in earlier and she was also willing to stay later. This is a quality of a therapist who is committed to seeing clients and there families be successful in life. It is a pleasure to work with a great therapist like Kaitlin. - Arina, OTR/L

"I've had the pleasure of watching Teresa grow immensely along with TheraTree in a relatively short time!  I first met Teresa when I became her manager in 2020.  She has weathered the storms of 2020 and stuck with us when the future was uncertain. We had to adapt quickly and Teresa helped keep us operating.  I see her contributions to our team and community every day.  From the positivity she provides in those uncertain times to the leadership she demonstrates now that she is a manager.  It's clear that Teresa is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone she possibly can.  She has allowed herself to be empowered and embraced every challenge with intelligence and care.  I'm proud of what she continues to accomplish and feel fortunate to call her my peer."

Submitted by: Jacob Hatfield, Finance Manager 

"We have a great RBTs here in Owensboro. We have Arrielle and Sheryl and they are amazing. They work together and they are very supportive to our families. They always come up with great ideas to meet the goals the families set for the clients. Both are experienced in their field and they continually work on their education to improve their therapy skills. They blow me away with their creativeness as well as commitment to their clients. It is awesome to see how they work together and the great progress they make with their clients. Thanks for being part of our team!" Arina, OTR/L

 "I would like to take a moment and talk about Cole. Cole is one of our Occupational Therapist here at TheraTree. They always go above and beyond to find new and creative activities to work with their patients. They also always ensures to take the time to listen to the needs of our families and see how they can address their needs. Cole is great team member here at TheraTree. Cole is great with our older clients and our older clients as to me seen by them. Cole works on making connections with the older kids in way only they can do. They are able to connect with them and use those connections to meet the goals set by families. Cole takes daily challenges and make it positive. I am glad to have the opportunity to work along side them so that we can meet the purpose of the clinic what is to improve growing minds, bodies, and spirits. Glad you are with us!!!!!" - Arina, OTR/L

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