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TheraTree contributes to the community by accepting students at the following levels to learn about pediatric therapy and contribute to the organization and Owensboro Community:

Observers & Volunteers
Observers & Volunteers

Volunteer Program

TheraTree's Volunteer Program is designed for individual's to gain experience within the various divisions of our company.

Individuals looking to contribute to the Owensboro community are also idea candidates for this program. At this level of interaction, volunteers accepted observe skilled treatment sessions (with client parent permission), interact with clients at the discretion of the therapy provider, and may compete additional tasks within the volunteer such as cleaning, copying, shredding etc. Volunteer opportunities also include assistance with our events, assistance with administrative duties (great for future resumes), and direct interactions with the families and patients we serve to enhance their experience.

College Students

Collegiate programs typically will require a set number of observation hours and additional associated paperwork as part of their collegiate program application process. College students completing per-requisites to enter therapy programs are ideal candidates for the Volunteer Program. TheraTree does not accept observers outside of the volunteer program. Students wishing to complete observation hours through TheraTree must apply for the volunteer program to get observation hours.

High School Students

High school students considering going to college to study occupational, speech, or phsycial therapy are also ideal candidates for the Volunteer Program. Students get to participate in therapy sessions and find out if a career in therapy is something they're interested in.

Middle & Elementary School Students

Middle and Elementary schools student are also candidates for the Volunteer program. These students are under the direct supervision of an adult while volunteering. Their tasks are suited to their abilities. Individuals served by TheraTree  have the opportunity to volunteer too! Volunteering is an excellent compliment to the life skills addressed in therapy. Volunteers will have the opportunity to refine their skills in a supportive and fun environment. Ask your therapy provider for a recommendation!


  • ALL volunteers must apply to be accepted into the volunteer program. 
  • Individuals under 18 years must have legal guardian consent to apply for the program. 
  • ALL individuals must be able to demonstrate a level of independent work skills under minimal supervision.
  • Volunteers must be willing to commit to 40 hours of volunteering. This may be completed in one week or spread out over a set number of weeks.
  • Volunteers must provide proof of immunizations indicated in agreement below.
  • Volunteers must agree to and abide by the rules and policies of TheraTree.

Questions may be emailed to:


College Internships

We currently offer internships at the collegiate level for students who intend to major in Occupational Therapy. At this level of interaction students:

  • Have assigned reading to gain a fundamental foundation of OT.
  • Organize treatment materials.
  • Interact with clients as instructed by supervisor and participate in unskilled parts of treatment (such as set up and clean up) under direct supervision.

Questions may be emailed

Affiliated Programs:

Kentucky Wesleyan University

Western Kentucky University


Fieldwork Students

Fieldwork students from accredited OT & OTA programs have opportunity to complete level 1 & 2 clinical rotations with us.

Level 1 Fieldwork: Typically this is 1 week long clinical with a supervisor. Students will have opportunity to observe OT, assist supervisor in different aspects of treatment, create / execute treatment plans, and practice documentation.

Affiliated Programs: 

Madisonville Community College 

Spalding University 

Eastern Kentucky University 

Level 2 Fieldwork: This rotation last 8 weeks for OTA student and 12 weeks for OT students with a clinical supervisor. Students will have opportunity to create / execute treatment plans, document, complete standardized assessments, progress reports, present progress, consult with families and teachers, and complete evaluations.

If you would like to affiliate with TheraTree, email:


Jessica Hubbard, OTS  

Eastern Kentucky University 

I moved away from home for the first time for this fieldwork experience. To say that I was nervous would be a major understatement but as soon as I met Jessica and the rest of the staff I knew that I was where I belonged! The orientation packet Jessica sent me prior to my first day was extremely helpful and she made expectations very clear. The way that I was introduced to students and gradually given more responsibilities over the 12 weeks was challenging but extremely helpful. I had the opportunity to interact with or learn more about a child before I worked with them. I always knew that every member of the team was open to helping or guiding me when I was uncertain about a child or intervention idea. I always knew that Jessica was there to guide me but she did a great job of letting me be on my own. This type of supervision helped me learn from my own mistakes and gain confidence in my own abilities. Jessica and Dale also did an amazing job of creating more learning opportunities for me through their involvement in KOTA. My favorite memories from my time at Lynn OT always involve the kids and their amazing caregivers. I always felt supported, loved, and appreciated. I cannot begin to thank all the amazing people that I interacted with during this experience and I am extremely grateful that I had the privilege of working at such an amazing facility. 

Amethyst Burnette, OTAS

Madisonville Community College 

I was fortunate enough to complete a level 1 and 2 fieldwork experience at TheraTree (Formally Lynn OT). After my first experience, I knew I wanted to come back for my Level 2. Jessica and the whole staff made me feel very welcome. I was able to experience and learn so many useful things during my time here. It really backed up what we learn in the classroom and put it into real life experiences. On my first day I was introduced to the facilities and given an overview of expectations and procedures. It helped me tremendously to have a packet of expectations and procedures for things such as documentation. This is very helpful as a student to have a packet to reference when needed. Jessica introduced me to my own independence at a perfect rate and I never felt overwhelmed. You begin to get that feel of being more of a therapist versus a student which helped boost my confidence in what I was doing. I would highly recommend TheraTree to anyone wanting to pursue pediatrics. Jessica and all staff were always there for support and to answer any questions. They are awesome!