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This space is in compliance with the Ayres Sensory Integration Fidelity Measure.

"Children develop sensory integration by interacting with many things in the world and adapting their bodies and brains to many challenges during childhood. When the sensory integrative capacity of the brain is sufficient to meet the demands of the environment, the child's response is efficient, creative, and satisfying. When the children experiences challenges [and responds] effectively, they have fun. To some extent "fun" is the child's word for sensory integration"

-- Paraphrased from A. J. Ayers (1979)

Our state of the art sensory gym was designed by Sensory Integration Certified Therapist. It includes standardized equipment for vestibular input (contributing to balance, motor planning, sequencing, and timing). Tactile discrimination and defensiveness is addressed through specially designed tools to improve body scheme, tolerance of clothing and motor skills. This space allows our highly qualified therapy providers to also improve proprioception (awareness of muscle movements). This helps organize children and contributes to using the correct amount of force with their muscles.