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Jennifer Hurm, mother of Kaylin and Carye

Being a homeschool mom comes with abundant joy! It can also include considerable challenges, especially when your children face delays and hardships. For most of our first grade year my twins struggled in many areas of learning, focus, and development.  Most of our days were long and often not without tears.  Sometimes even Mom had tears. I knew in my heart that I had been lead to homeschool. I also knew I would never give up. I believe this is the only option for our family.

In March I reached out to our pediatrician.  After our audiology test showed hearing sensitivities we were referred to Lynn OT.  It was here we met Jessica Lynn.

When our evaluations showed many areas that needed work, we began our OT journey with biweekly sessions.  All sessions were different.  I soon noticed small improvements in various areas.  I attended every session and used many techniques learned from Jessica in out home environment as well.  My girls enjoy OT and adore "Ms. Jessica". 

Now, fast forward 5 months.... In August we started second grade. I had been anxiously awaiting school starting to see how much improvement OT provided us.  In my eyes this was our "test". It only took one day for me to be amazed at how far we've come!  We now have better focus, which results in joyful learning and we even look forward to school everyday.  We also have better motor control and more balancing ability.  Our language and communications has even improved.  Homeschool is finally what I had long envisioned it to be.It's a pure joy and very rewarding experience. 

Jessica is always wonderful with my girls.  She also is helpful to me. No amount of questions on my behalf has ever been "too" much for her.  She cares about her patients immensely.  She is patient, hard working, driven, knowledgeable, and has a passion for her job. 

All the other staff at Lynn OT has always been pleasant to work with as well. From the rare "substitute" to the insurance processing staff, all go above and beyond in their job! 

My family will forever be indebted to Jessica and Lynn OT for the investment in my girls' futures.  They really do make futures brighter one child at a time!

Tammy Wathen, mother of Aaron

 I met Dale Lynn in 1999. He has worked with 2 of my boys. Currently working with my son Aaron and has since he was a toddler. Aaron is 10 now. Such a great impact has been made in Aaron's life from what he has learned through therapy with Mr. Dale. Aaron was able to receive an Ambucs trike and there was never a hesitation of it being approved for his use through his OT. Dale went beyond his therapy and assembled the trike for Aaron, sent pictures while he was assembling it and also delivered it to our home. I believe any therapist that works at Lynn Occupational Therapy truly does it for the love of children. Your child will never be a number but, loved and helped. Parents will get great input and any support they can help you with. Aaron has been introduced to many calming and coping techniques. Sensory, vestibular, gravitational insecurity help, fine motor, (love brush therapy) thanks for teaching that and joint compression techniques writing,sensory room,etc...I could go on and on because he is so special for my son and our family and to other families. Thanks Dale Lynn for loving and helping children. 

Melissa Bellows,  mother of Samantha

My daughter started working with Dale over three years ago because I was concerned about her ADHD and fine motor skills. He tested her and began working with her while she was in Head Start. Soon after, Candi took his place and my daughter loves her. They do puzzles, color, games, paint, cut, shoe tying and much more. Not only are fine motor skills being worked on, but her attention skills are too. I am able to call her OT for any concerns or problems that I may have. An example was when I was concerned about her sensory problems so a sensory profile was done on her. They helped my daughter get over most of her sensory disorders by showing me techniques to work with her on and they gave me a sensory brush to use on her body. I am very pleased with this company. She feels welcome and the therapist are always positive with the children and the parents. Thank you for all you do for Samantha, we love this company.