By: Jessica | February 03, 2020

By Nick Grant

Valentines Day is filled with parties, hugs, and good food. These can be out of routine and cause disruption in your child's world. Here's how you can help your child prepare for Valentine’s Day.

School Parties
  1. Ask your child’s teacher ahead of time of when the party is going to be, so you can prepare your child for schedule changes.
  2. Ask your child’s teacher for the list of names of their classmates ahead of time so your child can pick out and prepare valentines they think the class will like.
  3. Ask if you can volunteer during the party to promote your child feeling more safe around others when they know you are there.
  4. Provide headphones for school parties so if your child thinks it is to loud they can use them.
  5. Tell your child’s ...

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By: Jessica | October 24, 2018

Fall brings sweater weather, changing leaves, pumpkins, and holidays like Halloween. Although trick or treating is not a mandatory childhood experience, many families would like to share this experience with their child and enjoy memories created as a family. Children with anxiety, autism, and/or other challenges may find it difficult to participate in this event.