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New Year's Resolutions and How to Actually Achieve Them

New Year's Resolutions and How to Actually Achieve Them

By Jessica

 The most common resolutions people typically make are to lose weight, to save money, to learn a something new, to become more organized, to stop smoking/drinking, and to become overall healthier (eating homecooked meals versus fast food, buying a gym membership, going to bed earlier, finding a...

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Tips for Supporting Children and Teens during this Holiday Season

Valentines Day

By Jessica

By Nick Grant

Valentines Day is filled with parties, hugs, and good food. These can be out of routine and cause disruption in your child's world. Here's how you can help your child prepare for Valentine’s Day.

School Parties
  1. Ask your child’s teacher ahead of time of when the party is going to be, so ...
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Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks for Kids with Challenges

By Jessica

Thanksgiving brings family and food together in the spirit of abundance and connection. For families who have children with challenges such as anxiety or autism, this holiday can bring an added layer of stress.


This can vary greatly based on your child. Ask your Occupational Therapist ho...
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